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Pigs are very intelligent, highly social and very picky about their environment. They have a level of self-awareness akin to humans. They can get stressed very easily and enjoy the freedom to roam about. Here at the Pig Preserve, we have some areas set aside for medical related issues, new residents and smaller breeds but, for the rest of the preserve, it is open for them to create their communities as they please!

"We choose our own neighbors at the Pig Preserve"

- The Pigs

Whether they want to hang out at the big red barn, take a siesta in the sunny, dandelion pastures or find some solace in the forest pond is entirely up to them. We don’t interfere with where they want to live, we just make sure that where ever they do flop over for a belly rub, that we are there to accommodate.

Check out the neighborhoods on the Pig Preserve! 

Village Vista

Tucked into the woods, on the hilltop is a series of barns overlooking the valley and ...

Hidden Hollow

The area of the sanctuary that includes the most “wild” area is also called home by many of our wild boar ...

As you scroll around our site, take note of the colors each individual pig has. That color refers to the neighborhood they are choosing to spend most of their time in. 

Homestead Hangout

The biggest barn on the property is home to many pigs of all shapes, sizes, ages and colors! This crew dug ...

Piglet Pasture

There is a smaller pasture at the sanctuary that serves as a safe haven for several types of animals. Babies will call ...

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Peaceful Pond

There are several barns closer to the house and feed barn, and kind of central to the goings on of the sanctuary....

Around the Preserve

Welcome to the Pig Preserve! Take a look around at the Preserve in Pictures to get a sense of our operation. We'e love for you to visit...

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