The Life of a Pig Today, and What You Can Do To Help Them

Pigs are highly social, intelligent, and charismatic animals. Some of them are as playful as a dog, but it is sad to see that they are deprived of a good life from a very early age. The majority of pigs nowadays are being farmed for human consumption, or used by humans in other ways.

The condition of most pig farms and slaughterhouses is terrible. The way they are raised and kept is not how an animal should be treated. They are not only abused their entire lives but are also squished in small, restricted places where they can hardly move around. Piglets are separated from their mothers just after a week after birth.

It is heart-wrenching to see these innocent animals being subjected to such inhumane treatment. This is where a pig rescue organization like The Pig Preserve comes into the picture to help save and provide a better life to these intelligent, feeling animals.

Who is The Pig Preserve?

Located high in the Cumberland Mountains of Middle Tennessee, The Pig Preserve is a pig rescue sanctuary for all breeds of pigs. They bring in abused and abandoned pigs from all conditions, caring for them and giving them a good life in the sanctuary. 

The sanctuary covers up to 100 acres of land. It has lush, grassy fields and woods for the pigs to roam around freely. This place was built just to rescue pigs and provide them with the peace, solitude, and tranquillity they need.

In this pig rescue sanctuary, they are given a free and happy life without forced interaction. When given the opportunity in their natural habitat, pigs form social groups that are critical to their well-being and emotional health.

What kinds of pigs do they rescue?

The Pig Preserve is doing a great job of saving innocent pigs from the horrors of factory farms, slaughterhouses, and abandonment. They bring in all types of pigs, not discriminating against which breed they are – their first priority is giving a second chance at life to those pigs that need it the most.

The types of pigs you will find in the sanctuary include:

  1. Factory farmed pigs
  2. Potbelly pigs
  3. Miniature pigs that turned out not to be so miniature after they were brought into someone’s home
  4. And many more!

They are working hard to build the best pig sanctuary for all pigs that are abused, neglected, abandoned, and those that have been in bad situations for most of their lives. They also take in piglets that have been separated from their mothers at a young age.

The Pig Preserve is one of the best pig shelters in Middle Tennessee. Aside from providing shelter to these rescued pigs, they also give them medical care as many farmed pigs suffer health issues after being rescued. Most importantly, the pigs receive a second chance at a wonderful life, and lots of love and belly rubs!

What else can you do to help pigs?

Every day, humans consume pigs as food in the form of bacon, ham, and sausages. All of these things come from pigs that are raised in horrible conditions and were unnecessarily killed. If you want to help them, then you can do the following:

  1. Stop consuming pigs in the form of food. If more people stop consuming them, the demand will shift. Instead, choose food that’s made from plants!
  2. You can search “pig sanctuary near me” online to find those who are trying to give animals a better life. By supporting your local animal sanctuaries and donating whatever you can – whether that’s money or your time – you can help protect innocent animal’s lives.
  3. If you hear about farms that have been treating pigs badly or witness mistreatment at a farm in your area, you can speak up and report them. Unfortunately, our current legal system allows for ill-treatment towards farmed animals, so exposing the abuse to your local animal save chapter, animal sanctuary, or organizations like PETA is your best option. Search for “pig rescue near me” to know where you can report such establishments.

Animal farming is the most resource-intensive industry today. If you want to lessen your carbon footprint and the stress that we put on the Earth by consuming her resources, you can support a world hunger relief charity that is aligned in these efforts. This charity helps feed hungry humans with vegan meals instead of many charities who support animal agriculture. Not only are you boycotting animal cruelty, but you are also helping end hunger in a more sustainable way.

Pigs are innocent and social animals. They do not deserve to live a horrible life in pig farms. They have the right to live happily and freely. As animal lovers, we need to take a bold step to save thousands of these animals from a horrible end. 

This article is brought to you by the vegan marketing team, who proudly supports The Pig Preserve. To learn about what else you can do to save animal lives and live more compassionately,, you can learn more here.