Born :
Rescued :
Gender : Female
Family Members : N/A

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Twiggy is a unique, gorgeous brunette! She is protective of her social group, her chosen family at the main barn. She loves to explore and is always one of the first to check out new pigs. Her original family wanted a potbelly and purchased her from a breeder. As you can see...she's not so much a potbelly. Turns out, Twiggy is a mixture of farm pig, feral pig and potbelly - which has given her this look! We love her so much! She is bigger like a farm pig, face and legs of a feral pig and the coat of a potbelly! This 400+ pound beauty didn't work out as a house pet and came here instead. To be a reminder that it's always better to adopt, rather than shop. Rescuers want you to find a good fit, breeders just want your money. Twiggy fits in here just fine!