Born : 2006
Rescued : 2008
Gender : Female
Family Members :

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Damien and Sunshine came from a potbelly pig sanctuary in Florida. Because the two did not have enough room to roam, they became very difficult for the woman to handle, so she asked us if we could take them. Several attempts to get them here and thousands of dollars worth of trailer damage later (feral pigs don't do well in confinement, and will do whatever it takes to get out), they made it here to The Pig Preserve. They enjoy the company of each other, and set up camp with a group of our farm pigs. Now Damien and Sunshine have the freedom to roam all one hundred acres of the woods, pasture, and ponds.  And they do, but never far from one another. While they comfortable around people they know, they can still be quite shy around visitors. Sunshine is a little more wary of men. She also has gorgeous blue eyes!