Born : 2015
Rescued : 2018
Gender : Male
Family Members :

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Rhett and Scarlett lived three long years trapped in a filthy, dilapidated pen, about 12x12. They slept, ate, drank and lived in waste-saturated mud. They knew only each other. They knew only that pen. One day, their owner decided he didn't want to feed them anymore, and he would slaughter them. His son had become attached to the pigs and protested. Luckily, the son reached out to a vegan relative who was able to negotiate their release. They were understandably terrified of strange people, the trailor, everything. Rhett is very protective of Scarlett, and would bite at us for upsetting her. Scarlett would shut down and refuse to move. It took two days to convince them it was safe to go with us. Now they are big loves. They take walks, graze, seek us out for scratches and treats. They had no idea life could be so good!