Born :
Rescued :
Gender : Female
Family Members :

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Rufus and his sisters - Reta, Rhonda and Ruby - were all rescued from a terrible abuse case in Florida. They were all starved, nearly to death. They arrived so underweight that our vet didn't expect them to survive. They were barely able to stand and you could see their ribs and spines. We handfed them small meals several times a day until they were more stable. Luckily all four of these amazing piggies made it! Rufus lives in the main barn with his friends and his sisters live together with Lulu and Oreo. Rufus is a dominant, but not aggressive pig. He stands up for his friends and protects his social group. His sisters are passive and chose the most peaceful barn to live in. They still check in on each other, though! Reta is the smallest of the three girls, so you tell her apart from her sisters.