Born : 2017
Rescued : Summer 2018
Gender : Female
Family Members : N/A

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Poppy was the victim in a cruelty case in Michigan. Her owner used to turn her out into the yard every morning and use her for target practice with his bb gun. She is a small girl, and he damaged her body and broke her spirit. When she was rescued, her owner was actually convicted of animal cruelty and is serving a 6 year sentence. She was so traumatized, the vets were not sure she could be saved. She is so fearful of humans and does not like to be near them. She is frantic if you try to touch her. She also presents with symptoms common to a disorder called “Dippity” in which the animal will have weakness in the rear end and broken, bleeding skin. It was determined that unless a home could be found where Poppy could have enough room to decompress without much human interaction and enough time to come around on her own terms, she should be euthanized. The rescue assisting with her treatment knew there had to be a solution and found us. We of course knew that Poppy deserved this chance to be happy, so we went to pick her up and she is recovering here at the sanctuary in her own time.