Born : Spring 2017
Rescued : Summer 2018
Gender : Female
Family Members :

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Persimmon and Kiwi are siblings, but look nothing alike! Persimmon is a deep purpley red with sandy brown highlights, more like a Duroc. Sister Kiwi is a Saddleback, with the pretty black and white coat. These two girls had been rescued when they were piglets, and passed from foster home to foster home. While their rescuers managed to keep them safe, they worked for over a year to find them a forever home. As they got bigger and more difficult to manage, several foster homes gave up on them and asked for them to be moved. Money was raised to transport them several states away to us so they could finally find permanency and be part of a real forever family. They are sweet, friendly girls. Persimmon is shy, but when you make time for her, she is affectionate and so sweet!