Born : Summer 2017
Rescued : Spring 2018
Gender : Male
Family Members : N/A

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Sometimes animals try so hard to tell you what they need, but it's still hard to figure it out. Michaleen is one such pig. He was only around 8 months old when he ended up at the animal shelter. He was uninterested in people, and just generally grumpy with everyone. This did not help him get adopted. He was overlooked until his time ran out. We worked with Knoxville Farmed Animal Save to pull him and place him in a local foster, thinking removing him from that setting would make him happy. In reality, he continued to be rude to both the pigs and humans at the foster home for months. Deciding that Michaleen was telling us he didn't want to be adopted or handled by humans...we brought him to the sanctuary. He pranced around like a peacock for a few days in the baby pasture until some bigger pigs showed him he wasn't the boss of everything like he thought. He became an agreeable member of the herd, and accepts his human caregivers too. He may or not ever decide he wants bellyrubs. And that's ok. Here he can be whoever and however he needs to be!