Luna Rose

Born : July 2019
Rescued : July 2019
Gender : Female
Family Members : N/A

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Luna Rose is named luna for the big moon the night of her rescue, and rose, after Rosie, who we had just lost. She was rescued at just 2 weeks old, a 3 pound, non-thriving piglet half the size of her littermates. At large breeding operations, it is common practice to cull sick, injured or weak babies. It is legal to dispose of them while still alive, and Luna Rose was tossed into a 5 gallon bucket, to be taken to the dead pile. Luckily, she was spotted by some kind folks who were able to get her out of there. She embodies everything we fight for and every reason why. She is smart, silly and affectionate. She is an individual. She is one of millions trapped in a sea of suffering and early death. She will share her story with the world.