Born : 2012
Rescued : Summer 2019
Gender : Female
Family Members : N/A

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This beauty was born in the wild, many years ago. When she was just a piglet, she was trapped by accident in a live humane trap. The gentleman was trying to catch and relocate a raccoon who had been trash diving, but instead he caught Lulabelle! He knew her family was long gone, and she was too young to survive on her own. He didn't know of anywhere to take her that she would be safe. So, he decided he had to keep her and care for her. This worked well for many years, until he fell ill and had to move. Since she was an illegal pet, he was so worried about what would happen to her. He reached out to a local humane society, who reached out to us. Since Lulabelle hadn't been around other pigs of any kind since she was just weeks old, the sanctuary was pretty overwhelming for her. She grieved her human dad. She was afraid of new people and a bit intimidated by the pigs. But, like they all do, she found her way. And now her life is pretty good!