Little Tucker

Born : Fall 2017
Rescued : Summer 2018
Gender : Male
Family Members : N/A

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Tucker was hand raised by his family. The daughter was a member of an agriculture club that teaches young people to raise infant animals who have been taken away from their mothers. Once the animals are old enough, they are taken to a show, judged and then sent away…to auction (for breeding and eventual slaughter or directly to slaughter). Tucker is a sweetheart, and although his family didn’t realize he had dwarfism, they knew that he was special and they couldn’t bear to send him away. He also couldn’t continue to live in the small pen that he had grown up in, so they found us. Tucker doesn’t see well and moves slowly due to his special gait. He was a bit intimidated by the larger pasture and herd, but he fits in perfectly in our smaller baby pasture, even though he’s by far the biggest kid. He's given us a scare or two when he's sleeping, as his legs stick out in such a way that he looks like he's passed when he's just napping! Glad we learned that early!