Born : 2012
Rescued : 2019
Gender : Female
Family Members : N/A

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Years ago, Hazel was found as a stray by a very nice lady. She was a much younger pig then, and we'll never know how she came to be on her own. A friendship grew, and luckily for Hazel, that turned into the safety of a permanent home. Unfortunately, her new caregiver passed away unexpectedly, and Hazel was once again on her own.
Pigs are extremely sensitive and intelligent. They can grieve losses just like humans do. Hazel was very attached to her mom, and didn't understand why things had changed. She was fearful and bitey when approached by new people. Untrusting. These are the pigs that need a sanctuary like ours. They are not good candidates for adoption. They are shut down and uninterested in bonding with new animals or people. Hazel needed time to grieve. She needed a safe place to be while she did that. It took many months, but we sat with her, read to her and talked to her and eventually, worked our way into her heart. The magic of the sanctuary is the very best healer!