Born : January 2018
Rescued : February 2018
Gender : Female
Family Members :

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Clover and her littermates were taken from a factory farm up north. Six little reminders that even in a very dark industry, occasionally a little light can be found. Aster, Chicory, Clover, Dandelion, Periwinkle and Violet were named after native plants here in Tennessee, since we are their home now. Meishans are an Asian breed of pig, known for being docile and much smaller than our large farm breeds here. They are easy to handle because of their size and temperament, so factory farm employees can guide an unaltered male through the aisles. Crated females that are in heat respond to the male’s scent, and the employee then knows who to artificially inseminate. Some American factory farms keep a few unaltered males and females on hand, but have no use for very many. So they breed a litter when they have a need for a new boar, and discard the unneeded littermates. Our litter of "extras" were scheduled to be killed and were pulled just in time thanks to an employee that wanted them to live. They are all sweet pigs, and love to lay in your lap for bellyrubs or ear scratches. Clover can be distinguished from her siblings by her nose marking, a pink swatch straight down. She and sister Periwinkle are best buddies, and often hang out together.