Born : 2012
Rescued : April 2015
Gender : Female
Family Members :

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Charity is the beautiful matriarch of her social group. She and her family are super friendly and act as great feral ambassadors. They are so friendly, and just by being themselves, they show people how amazing wild pigs can be. They are smart and protective of their families. When shown kindness, they can be very affectionate, even with humans. When startled, they will most always choose flight over fight. Charity and her baby, Joey, brother Chipper, Jack and Jill were all rescued from a failed sanctuary in South Carolina. Joey is no longer a baby, but the others still work to keep him protected and safe. Charity can often be seen standing guard near her family, nose in the air and ears listening for anything amiss. When she spots anything that can be preceived as a threat, she alerts the rest of the crew and they move in close together.