Born : Fall 2017
Rescued : Early Winter 2018
Gender : Female
Family Members :

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Buttercup, Flower and Iris were rescued from a zoo. Their momma was living in a farm exhibit with some other animals. Since the pigs were not altered, momma became pregnant and it was decided that the zoo did not want to deal with piglets. Leadership decided to send her to slaughter, pregnant. Luckily, the veterinarian that was caring for the animals decided that couldn’t happen, and she questioned the decision. When tasked with finding a place for momma to go to save her life…she took her home to her place! Momma had a large litter, and because she was young, she didn’t really know how to properly care for them. The babies were split into groups of 3 and sent to foster homes for bottle feeding. All the babies survived, and the veterinarian has provided a forever home for momma and several of the babies. The rest of the babies have all found sanctuary homes.