Born : 2010
Rescued : May 28, 2014
Gender : Male
Family Members : N/A

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Bobby was raised by two men in Arkansas in a small pen. As he continued to grow bigger and bigger, they became more and more afraid of him, and whenever he would act out they would give him whatever he wanted. Although they loved Bobby dearly, realizing they were in over their heads, and that staying in a small pen was no life for a pig, they called us asking if we would take their then four year old farm pig with the intimidating attitude. Bobby pushed the boundaries here too, but once he realized that he had lots of room and lots to do, he calmed down pretty quickly. Now he's is one of our friendliest pigs with people. He still has a dominant personality with the other pigs, though. He often roams the sanctuary alone. The exception is his friend, Blue Eyed Wilbur, who just so happens to be very passive. He backs down from confrontation with any other pig here, despite being one of the biggest. Opposites attract! Bobby and Blue Eyed Wilbur have become good friends and are often seen chatting with one another or napping together. They both adore senior Miss Pig, and frequent her barn. Bobby also answers to Bobby McGhee and Bobby Wobby Boo.