Blue-Eyed Wilbur

Born :
Rescued :
Gender : Male
Family Members : N/A

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Blue-eyed Wilbur is such a huge lovebug! He is one of our biggest pigs, but he is so soft-hearted. He was raised by people, and had not spent any time with other pigs since he was born. He was rescued as an adult, and didn't really know how to "pig". The other pigs were confused by his lack of pig social skills. He never challenged other pigs for a good spot at the troughs or a prime napping spot. He had a rough time at first. Like they all do, he eventually fell in to the routine here and found where he fits in. His best buddy is Bobby, one of the biggest and most respected pigs here. Their energies perfectly compliment each other - Wilbur calmed Bobby down and Bobby gave Wilbur protection. They give each other companionship and a buddy to be with!