Big Tucker

Born :
Rescued :
Gender : Male
Family Members : N/A

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Big Tucker is a real character! We sometimes call him "Demo" because he enjoys tearing things up! He likes to pull the rakes and shovels off the stand, move the porch table, munch on the siding, tear blankets into little bitty pieces...he's a lot of fun! When he was little (around 30 pounds) a nice lady found him running alone in the road. Very scary! She took him home and intended to give him a forever home. But Tucker grew...quickly! He soon became too big to use her dog door, and she became worried that she didn't have enough space for him. And so, he came here and has been with us now for several years. He weighs in at well over 500 pounds, and lives just off the porch with Pumba, Glitter and Whitley in their own private condo. He suffered heat stroke when he was really young, which resulted in a bit of neurological damage and a permanent heat tilt. He may react and move a bit slower, but he does just fine. We love him so!