Born : 2018
Rescued : November 2018
Gender : Male
Family Members :

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This is the face of a baby that has already endured the horrors of a factory farm. He was only weeks old when his needle teeth, testicles and tail were all removed with no anesthesia. He was used to being ignored, and when attention was given, that meant being handled roughly. At his young age, he had already been sorted by weight, and spray painted to indicate he weighs enough to slaughter. The meat sold/served to the public comes from babies just exactly like him, 6 months old.
When Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina, the only home he had ever known filled with water, and despite the terror and confusion and franctic screaming of the others he escaped. He swam for his life in deep, swiftly moving contaminated water. Against all odds, he made it to higher ground. He hid in the woods with 10 other boys that made it out. They were terrified, hungry and confused. Rescuers spotted them, worked to earn their trust and then got them to a safe quarantine spot. And now all 11 are ours forever. Now they will know only love. Peace. Joy. Trust. Safety. This is the face of a baby. This is the face of Aberdeen. He is a curious boy that has big ears and a very tiny nub of a tail, the shortest of all the boys.