The Pig Preserve

Here at The Pig Preserve we believe FREEDOM is the birth right of every living being, not just reserved to humankind. Freedom from oppression. Freedom from bondage or slavery. Freedom from commodification or objectification. Freedom from discrimination, neglect and pain. 

We all have a right to our own life so we do everything we can to shelter those who cross our threshold. We provide them the freedom to live as nature intended. When rise for them and we come closer to peace and equality.


Establish a community of rescued animals who require sanctuary with a safe, healthy and natural environment

We have three tenants that guide us in the actions we take everyday and together, they shape they direction of our NonProfit. 





Change the perception of human to animal relationships


The Pig Preserve is a registered 501 (c) (3) since 1998. We are only able to achieve our goals through generous donor funding. Please consider becoming a donor and help us change the way we live and care for animals.

  • secure donor funding to ensure all animals have the required food, medical care and safe habitat
  • maintain a rigorous acceptance criteria for new residents to ensure the sanctuary can properly care for everyone
  • establish a special needs and quarantine area to provide a space for the animals incapable of being with our main herd
  • secure appropriate perimeter fencing 
  • maximize the use of natural water sources such as rain, wells and ponds
  • establish an educational program for adults as well as youths
  • provide tours both on location and digital options
  • create and maintain a vegan only location where guests fully embrace a compassionate lifestyle
  • create a robust volunteer program and provide agricultural internship opportunities for college credits


Become a Hero. Become a Sponsor.

Not everyone is born free. Every pig resident at The Pig Preserve is guaranteed shelter, food, medical care, companionship and FREEDOM for life! Their second chance is only made possible by the growing community of compassionate individuals, like YOU, who want to see real change in the world.