About Us

We provide sanctuary for farm pigs, potbelly pigs and feral pigs that need a safe forever home! We have rescued pigs from all over the country and from many different kinds of situations. Abandoned, abused, neglected, escaped from factory farms and slaughter. They come from agriculture clubs like 4H and FFA. They come to us after being used as research subjects. Upon arriving here, though, they can shed their pasts and learn what it’s like to be healthy, happy and loved. They teach us so much about resiliency and happiness. We are lucky enough to share our sanctuary with around 150 interesting individuals! You can read their stories here! And if you feel a special connection with anyone, please consider becoming a sponsor! For your $25 monthly donation – we will send you a quarterly update on your sponsored animal(s), behind the scenes sanctuary info and other surprise bonuses throughout the year! Your donations will help cover the costs of care for each animal – feed, water, shelters, fencing, veterinary needs, etc. Of course, if you would like to donate more, or are able to volunteer with your sponsored animal, that would be amazing as well! If you have questions, please email us at thepigpreserve@gmail.com!