We provide sanctuary for rescued farm pigs, potbelly pigs and feral pigs that need a safe forever home! We have been a registered 501 (c) (3) since 1998 with a mission to create new kind of sanctuary haven. 


Wondering who we are and why we are doing what we are doing?

First, you should know that we are JUST LIKE YOU! We were all born into a “traditional”  home. We all thought that using animals for personal gain was normal, acceptable and even encouraged. We learned to categorize pets from livestock and felt like we were still doing what was right. We were good people. We still are and so are you!

But, we realized we were also living an illusion of a lifestyle that didn’t balance the existence of other lives having value beyond human requirements. 

Then we simply made the connection. 

We decided to take action!

We built a sanctuary for the animals and establish educational programs for the humans!

And live vegan for everyone!

Surrounded by a majority of others who would continue the “status-quo”, we knew we had to rise up and join the growing voices of change. We knew that in order to achieve peace, we had to stop the violence, and even more so the silence of inaction.

The greatest threat to ourselves is not fear nor hate – it is complacency. We had to act.

We created a safe harbor for those who were discriminated against from the moment of their birth. 

We created a nonprofit pig sanctuary to recognize the value of life beyond human desire. 

Since then...

We have rescued pigs from all over the country and from many different kinds of situations. Abandoned, abused, neglected, escaped from factory farms and slaughter. They come from agriculture clubs like 4H and FFA. They come to us after being used as research subjects.

Upon arriving here, though, they can shed their pasts and learn what it’s like to be healthy, happy and loved. They teach us so much about resiliency and happiness. We are lucky enough to share our sanctuary with around 150 interesting individuals!

We invite you to read their stories to learn about our residents, where they came from and get to know their individual personalities. 

We invite you to become a sponsor and help us provide food, medical care and natural habitat to our residents. Beyond our home, we are invested in a future of peace and equality for all lives born – regardless of color, shape, language or species. We must act today to achieve our goals for tomorrow

We define ourselves by how we treat others

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