Arky & Biaggio

Rescue Date: Arky-March 26, 2016/ Biaggio-Early November 2015

My Story: Arky started his life as a 4H/FFA pig is Murfreesboro, Tennessee, but his caretaker soon realized she could not send a pig she had grown to love off to slaughter. So Arky came here to live out his life at The Pig Preserve, where he quickly became a part of "Da Boyz," a group of young (and also quite rowdy) farm pigs, consisting of Plutarch, Henry David, Reggie, Chris, and what looks like Arky's twin brother, Biaggio. Biaggio on the other hand was originally a sow pig project for a young lady, whom instead of taking Biaggio to slaughter, asked us if we could take him here so that he could live out the rest of his natural life.

Personality: both very energetic, major love bugs

Charlie & Chester   

Nickname: Charlie Chuckles 

Rescue Date: January 10, 2017 

My Story: Charlie and Chester came from an abandonment case right here in Jamestown. A woman had contacted us a week prior via email asking if we would take her two pet pigs, not specifying what kind of pigs they were, where they were located, or any sort of specifics, other than she needed them placed because she was moving. So we emailed her back that day asking for a few questions about the pigs, that way we could help her place the two pets. But then there was silence. A week passed and we received another email from her, but it wasn't answering our questions. She simply told us she had left, that the pigs were still there, and gave us an address if we wanted to save them. At that point, we did not have time to figure out placement, and although we have been trying to downsize, we simply couldn't bare to let these pigs starve to death. The following day we drive there, assuming to find a couple of potbellies but instead found a couple of young Tamworth farm pigs, both under a year old, and both with twelve hog rings in their snouts. Being that it was January, their bucket of water had frozen over and they had no sort of bedding to burrow in and keep warm from the harsh winter weather. Horrified, we planned out how to get the babies out of there. We went back to our sanctuary to grab bag of feed for them and put it out so they wouldn't go hungry until the weather broke a few days later and we could retrieve them with our trailer. Being that they were so wild when we met them (it was hard to believe they were ever "pets"), we didn't think we would have an easy time getting them into the trailer, but they loaded themselves without us having to do a thing, almost as if they knew we were there to save them. We took them straight to the University of Tennessee for blood work and to have all of their hog rings removed (they were already neutered). A few days later they came here to The Pig Preserve, where we let them out into Lucky, RC, and Silico's one acre pen, to allow them to grow a bit bigger before putting them out with the rest of the gang on our 100 acre plot of land. Immediately they began running around and rooting, both most likely for the first time in their lives, and it was beautiful. Both Charlie and Chester warmed up quickly to the new place, to their new buddies, and to getting lots of love. Our once abandoned wild farm pigs are now huge suckers for belly rubs at their forever home, The Pig Preserve. 

Personality: Charlie is one of the most vocal pigs here, he is also an attention hog and will do anything to get some kisses and a belly rub, Chester is much quieter, and also a lot more shy than Charlie is


Nickname: Bubby Jazz

​Rescue Date: mid-June 2012 

​My Story: Jasmine was not even weened yet, only a week or so old when she was put on a livestock truck. Somehow little bubby Jazz fell off the truck, skidding across the highway into oncoming traffic in Franklin, Tennessee. The couple driving behind the truck immediately pulled off the road to retrieve the bruised and battered piglet who miraculously was still alive. The women quickly snatched her and drove off as they saw the truck coming back in the other direction to look for the lost animal. Immediately they called us, explaining their situation and asking us if we could take the pig. We of course said yes and they drove straight here to Jamestown where Jasmine spent the first six months in the house, being bottle fed and nurtured back to health. The following spring, Jasmine was not only recovered but much much bigger than when she arrived and was finally ready to go out and be with the rest of the gang in the 100 acre woods (which also include plenty of pasture and ponds). 

Personality: a dainty and gentle pig, very sensitive, daddy's girl


Nickname: Pina Colada 

Rescue Date: April 12, 2016

My Story: Pineapple was three years old when he came to us from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He of course had to be neutered prior to coming to the sanctuary so we brought him to UT, with the intentions of boarding him for three to four weeks post op as we have done with many of our other pigs in the past. This way we can ensure that all of their hormones are out of their system and there is no chance for accidental pregnancies, as we have several unspayed females whom were either too old or compromised in some way to endure the surgery. However, once Pineapple was done with surgery, UT called and let us know that their price of boarding animals had almost quadrupled and there was no way we could afford boarding for a month. So, after 10 days we picked Pineapple up and turned him loose, crossing our fingers. We kept a close eye on him and any pig that he had come in contact with who was not spayed got a shot of Lutalyse just for reassurance and peace of mind. Although he's been neutered for over a year now, anytime one of our pigs goes into heat we know right away....because they will just not leave poor Pineapple the pig alone. He is quite the lady's man with his boar physique, but he doesn't care too much for the ladies....he is much more interested in food and getting his daily dose of the 'piggle wiggle.'

Personality: lady's man, gets very excited about supper, loves the 'piggle wiggle,' sweet and gentle, good mannered, quite the scrapper with other pigs, loves roaming and doesn't really have a social group


Nickname: Silly Silly Silico

Rescue Date: August 23, 2016 

My Story: A few months prior to Silico coming to The Pig Preserve, a couple of wonderful people found him on the side of the road in Cleveland, Tennessee. Only a week old and completely covered in ticks, they picked him up and got him vet care right away. Then the next few months they raised him in their home, but they knew they could not keep a feral pig in their home for much longer. So they brought him here to our sanctuary, 30 pounds at the time, and he got his first taste of life as a little pig. His first grass, his first mud hole, his first contact with other pigs...he had a lot of firsts here. He was spin-cycle happy with joy...running, spinning, flipping, rooting, grazing, wallowing...all at once. Because he's still a small pig, he spent his first winter in Lucky and RC's pasture and this spring we let him out with the rest of the gang, and he went crazy...all over again. Now he spends his days getting into trouble with Charlie and Chester and the rest of "Da Boyz."

Personality: very energetic, loves to run, thinks he is Mr. Tough Guy and tries to take on pigs ten times his size, plays the system and gets four suppers instead of one


Nickname: RC Cola and a Moon Pie 

Rescue Date: unknown

My Story: RC, once a little piglet, was used in a play at a dinner theater in Pigeon Forge. After the play was over, no one knew what to do with RC so they crated him. A nice lady who worked with the theater knew this wasn't any life for a potbelly piglet and contacted us, asking if we could take little RC (Cola and a Moon pie). So we took him in and put him out with the gang, but we noticed he was so terrified that he would hide all the way across the pasture in between the six foot hay bails, never coming near the big barn or feeding area. We tried putting a little house out there for him and we also tried putting a trailer out there loaded with lots of hay but he wouldn't come out from the hay bails. Terrified coyotes were going to get him and also realizing he was not happy where he was, we put him into Lucky's one-acre pen where he immediately buddied up and has been living ever since. 

​Personality: quite shy but a total sweetheart

Albert & Effie 

Nickname: Big Al and Effers

Rescue Date: mid-October 2013 

My Story: These beautiful red babies came from a woman in Illinois who had just started a sanctuary, the two piglets being her first rescues. However, soon after she took in the brother and sister duo, there was a family health emergency and because the family member whom was sick was across the country, there was no way she could care for him while still caring for the piglets in Illinois. That is when she asked us if we could take them in ad she drove all the way to Tennessee so that Albert and Effie could have a forever home here. 

Personality: Being that they are brother and sister, they are practically bonded at the hip, never straying much from one another, very sweet and rather quiet big pigs


Nickname: Bobby Wobby Boo, BWB

Rescue Date: May 28, 2014 

My Story: Bobby was raised by two men in Arkansas in a small pen. As he continued to grow bigger and bigger, they became more and more afraid of him, and whenever he would act out they would give him whatever he wanted. Although they loved Bobby dearly, realizing they were in over their heads, and that staying in a small pen was no life for a pig, they called us asking if we would take their four year old farm pig with an attitude. Although we initially had some problems with Bobby pushing the boundaries, he calmed down pretty quickly, and now is one of our friendliest pigs towards people. However, he has never quite learned how to make pig friends, so he normally roams the 100 acre sanctuary alone. The sole exception is his friend, Blue Eyed Wilbur, who just so happens to be absolutely terrified by every other pig here except Bobby. Bobby and Blue Eyed Wilbur have become good friends though and often are seen chatting with one another or sleeping together. 

Personality: Alpha male, around humans he is the ultimate love bug, extremely chatty, not good at making pig friends except for making one buddy Blue Eyed Wilbur whom is terrified of everyone except Bobby, loves to roam especially during supper time to get several meals

Bubby & Sissy 

Rescue Date: December 20, 2014 

My Story: Bubby and Sissy were bring raised for slaughter by a family just outside Seattle until the mother and her kids fell in love with the pair. The father, realizing these young pigs were not going to go to slaughter as he had planned, told his wife that she would need to find a place for them to go because he wasn't going to continue feeding them for no profit. Once transportation was figured out for the long rescue, they were brought to The Pig Preserve where the brother and sister duo will spend the rest of their days rooting, grazing, sunbathing, and sleeping-almost always together. 

Personality: love to snuggle up to one another, Sissy is very affectionate especially when in heat and will give you lots of kisses

Lu Lu Belle 

Rescue Date: May 4, 2014 

My Story: Lu Lu Belle came to us from a North Carolina shelter where was was branded an extremely aggressive pig. Reportedly, she had attacked a baby goat and several people, killing the baby goat. So we had her taken to UT to be spayed and blood tested, and then brought her here. She loaded into the trailer like a dream, enjoyed the two hour ride home, unloaded easily, had a bowl of feed, and was off exploring her new home. Immediately she allowed us to scratch her and play with her a bit, with no signs of aggression at all. Lu Lu Belle is now one of our sweetest potbellies here, whom enjoys affection but is a rather quiet pig, who has taken up with the old potbellies maybe for that reason-the quiet. But she is not an aggressive pig at all, which shows us that she just needed to find the right home to be a great pig. 

Personality: quiet, likes to steal the old guys food when she's done with her own, enjoys affection

Bo Dudley 

Rescue Date: May 5, 2014 

My Story: Bo Dudley was previously cared for by two teachers who did not have the time to give him the attention he needed and thought he would be happier at a place like The Pig Preserve. When Bo Dudley arrived, it was like he had lived here his whole life. He eventually buddied up with one of the other young potbellies up at the big barn named Shoeshine, whom he will fight with all day long until it's time to go to bed. 

Personality: fights with Shoeshine all day (to Bo's defense, Shoeshine starts most of it) but cuddles next to him every night, loves to make nests in a good pile of hay


Rescue Date: April 28, 2015 

My Story: When we agreed to take in Shoeshine, it was an emergency situation. Shoeshine originally was raised by a doctor's daughter who went off to college. leaving the busy doctor to take care of the potbelly pig. Because he didn't have the time to care for little Shoeshine, he was placed in a new home. However, shortly after, a fellow pig rescuer called us, letting us know that Shoeshine's new home was not working out. In fact, the family was actually threatening to shoot him immediately if he was not removed. Needless to say, we took in the little two and a half year old fellow and within a couple hours of arriving here, he was already investigating his new home. 

Personality: gets very hangry when put on a diet, will jump and bark at the same time, buddies with Bo Dudley but will fight with him all day long until it is time to go to bed 

Mama & Baby Miracle 

Rescue Date: October 31, 2015 

My Story: Mama Miracle originally lived at a fairly new sanctuary in South Carolina when they noticed how terrible her heat cycles were. Being new to animal rescue, they thought that by breeding her, Mama's heat cycles would calm down and would make her easier to deal with, but that was not the case. Of Mama Miracle's babies, Baby Miracle was the only one who made it, which is why we named her Miracle. After she had her baby, the two of them were too much to handle for the people who took care of them. So when Baby Miracle was about six months old, both her and her mama came to The Pig Preserve. 

Personality: Even though Baby is a few years old, she very much still relies on her mom, although she has become more independent as she has gotten older.


Rescue Date: unknown

My Story: Belle came from Fredericksburg, Virginia with her two sisters Dolly and Pumpkin, and the three were kept as a couple's pets in a small pen for the first decade of their lives. When they could no longer keep the three sisters, they came to The Pig Preserve, a bit overweight at the time from being confined for so long. Although Belle's two sisters have passed recently, Belle is still going strong and enjoying life with Gretchen, another one of our older farm pigs. 

Personality: very sweet and gentle old girl 


Nickname: Baby Glit 

Rescue Date: Christmas time 2011

My Story: Baby Glitter arrived a day or so after Christmas. She was a "joke gift" to a family in town who raises dogs and could not keep her so they contacted us. Baby Glitter was just over two months old and weighed around 20 pounds when she came to us. Because she was so small and young at the time, she stayed in the house for her first winter with our other house pig, Whitley, our nine rescue dogs, and twenty cats. Now she spends her days with the other "Yard Pigs," Tucker, Pumba, and of course, Whitley, and sleeps in the pig condo we built into the porch.

Personality:  very shy, doesn't enjoy exercising


Rescue Date: mid-April 2013 

My Story: Oreo is a potbelly/feral mix who was too big for her owners to care for. Not to mention she was cooped up in a small pen where she was unable to get the exercise she needed or roam as she wanted. When Oreo came here in April of 2013 she was a bit overweight from lack of exercise but it didn't take long for her to get into shape. Now Oreo loves to roam the fields and go for swims in the spring fed pond with JC, Lulu, Blossom, and Baby Ri.

Personality: Rather quiet, doesn't mess around when it comes to supper

Chavez Vasquez

Rescue Date: July 2, 2015

My Story: Chavez is a large feral pig from Pennsylvania who was confined to a pen for the last year up until we took him in. This handsome, strapping lad with an impressive set of tusks has a wonderful personality, but prefers to do his own thing. Initially he was overwhelmed by all the space and pigs, but settled in very quickly and now just enjoys being able to roam alone. 

Personality: loves to be alone, not very social, very rare to spot him

Rufus & His Sisters Ruby, Rhonda, and Rita 

Rescue Date: October 3, 2013 

​My Story: These four pigs came from a hoarding case in Florida where they were left to starve. Rufus, Rita, Ruby, and Rhonda were  unfortunately the only survivors. When the four came to us they were so malnourished you could count their they are four of the fattest pigs we have. Most pig siblings will live out the rest of their lives bonded to one another if you allow them to be, however, the second Rufus stepped foot on our property he decided he wanted nothing to do with his sisters. Therefore Rufus lives up at the Main Barn, whereas all three of his sister have decided to take up with JC, Lulu, Blossom, and Oreo's gang.

Personality: all very alpha, do not mess around at feeding time


Rescue Date: October 17, 2016

My Story: Chris is a young Berkshire farm pig who was being raised for slaughter when the farm where he was shut down and was sold. A wonderful young lady named Kim was able to talk the farmer into giving Chris up so her could live out his life at the sanctuary. She also raised the funds to vet and transport Chris from the farm in Missouri to our sanctuary here in Tennessee. He arrived early that morning and quickly took off towards the woods to explore his new home and find new friends. Chris very quickly took up with "Da Boyz," our group of young farm pigs consisting of Plutarch, Arky, Biaggio, Henry David, and Reggie, and now is seen doing just about everything with the roudy and mischievous bunch. Since taking up with Da Boyz, our once relatively quiet Chris has now found his voice, and isn't afraid to let us know when we are late for supper. 

Personality: very pushy when it comes to feeding time, big love mooch 

Damien & Sunshine

Rescue Date: unknown

My Story: These two feral pigs came from a sanctuary in Florida which was designed to care for potbellies. Because the two did not have enough room to roam, they became very difficult for the woman to handle, so she asked us if we could take them. Several attempts to get them here and thousands of dollars worth of trailer damage later (feral pigs don't do well in confinement, and will do whatever it takes to get out), they made it here to The Pig Preserve. They did not take up with the Feral Five Family like we thought they might, but instead, enjoy the company of each other with a group of our farm pigs. Now Damien and Sunshine have the freedom to roam all one hundred acres of the woods, pasture, and ponds, and they do, but never far from one another. 

Personality: very shy around humans, especially men, and more so Sunshine  

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